Youth Ministry


We are called to Christ ---
who since our birth has sought us and loves us; to know Him as our
Savior and Lord; to encounter him again and again throughout our lives.

We are called to be Christ’s church ---
to join children, other youth, and adults as disciples; to study the Bible;
to experience the richness of a church of many cultures and colors;
to Celebrate Christ’s presence through the Sacraments; to call
the entire Church To a deeper witness and faith.

We are called to grow in Christ ---
to pray, to study, to give our gifts; to make faithful decisions in all
that we do; to know God and be known by God more and more,
day after day.

We are called to serve Christ ---
to bring light and hope to the world; to tell of God’s grace in our lives;
to work for God’s justice and peace; to view all of life as vocation, a
call to follow Christ; to passionately and boldly live this call in
our community and world.

Youth Ministry Programming --- The Five Pillars

  1. Fellowship & Recreation- times to get to know, interact with, and care for one another.
  2. Service- times to live our faith in the congregation and community.
  3. Worship- times to praise God.
  4. Study & Discussion- times to reflect together on the content and meaning of the Gospel and other chosen topics.
  5. Mission & Outreach- times to reach out to others in order to be a growing community of believers.

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S.U.R.F. Wednesday -- Join us every Wednesday @ 6:30 p.m. Room #207

  • games
  • food
  • bible study
  • devotion
  • discussion
  • praise & worship,
  • fellowship and fun!